One of the core values of the SlutWalk movement is creating an inclusive space for sluts and allies of all communities and walks of life. To that end, these pages are intended to be a "crash course" for organizers, both new and experienced, to maximize our ability to be inclusive and to create a safe space for all who wish to participate in SlutWalk's goals and message.

The best way to be inclusive of individuals and groups we are not familiar with is to understand the experience those individuals and groups encounter. Empathy and understanding allow inclusivity to come naturally, and without necessarily a feeling of self-censorship or overdue effort. Because of this, the Guide is mainly designed to describe different experiences of structural oppression felt by different groups. These explanations will be paired with some ideas for how to apply knowledge of these oppressive structures toward improving our own SlutWalks. Hopefully as this guide grows with more additions from more SlutWalkers, we will all grow in our abilty to be anti-oppressive in our language, our actions and our thinking.

Topics in the GuideEdit

Concepts of Structural Oppression: A General Overview

How Can Violence be Perpetrated Through Language?: A General Overview

Concepts of Intersectionality/Kyriarchy

Forms of Oppression (alphabetical order)Edit